2007. június 4.

Science and philosophy in Antiquity

Science and philosophy in Antiquity

A conference organised jointly by

Center for Hellenic Traditions
Central European University


Department of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Eötvös University

Budapest, 7–9 June 2007
Gellner Room, Monument Building
Central European University
Nádor utca 9, Budapest

7 June

9:30 Opening of the conference

Section 1

Chair: István Bodnár
10:30 Sabetai Unguru Varieties of Historiography of Hellenistic Mathematics
12:00 Vassilis Karasmanis On the pre-euclidean Elements of geometry


Section 2

Chair: Filip Grgic
15:00 Philip van der Eijk Medical ideas in philosophical contexts: Hippocratic and Galenic contributions to the mind-body problem in late antique thought
16:30 Caroline Petit Philosophy or pharmacology: Galen's dilemma over the powers of simple drugs

8 June

Section 3

Chair: István Bárány
10:00 Myles Burnyeat The Greek vocabulary for knowledge: Plato, Aristotle, and Heraclitus
11:30 Henry Mendell Ordinary Science in the Time of Plato


Section 4

Chair: Péter Lautner
14:30 Jens Høyrup Which kind of mathematics was known by and referred to by those who wanted to integrate mathematics in "Wisdom" -- Neopythagoreans and others?
16:00 Leonid Zhmud Mathematics vs Philosophy. An alleged fragment of Aristotle in Iamblichus.

9 June

Section 5

Chair: Karel Thein

10:00 Serafina Cuomo Ancient philosophies of technology
11:30 László Bene Cause and cosmogony in Plato’s Laws X


Section 6

Chair: Gábor Betegh

14:30 Katerina Ierodiakonou Remarks on the History of an Ancient Thought Experiment
16:00 Keimpe Algra Epicurus and Gassendi on Astronomy and on the Sun

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