2009. március 2.

Meghívó - Hellenic Colloquia

The CENTER FOR HELLENIC TRADITIONS cordially invites you to the next lecture of the Hellenic Colloquia Series:


(University of Oxford)

Publishing a Greek source for middle-twelfth-century Hungarian history:
Manganeios Prodromos - choices and perspectives

Time: Thursday, March 5, 18:15
Place: CEU, TIGY Room, Nador 11, Budapest


The period from 1049 to 1055 is important in Byzantine-Hungarian relations, as a period of peaceful co-existence is replaced by more hostile contacts. Much of the evidence coming from Byzantium is hard to use, because embedded in popular Byzantine propaganda. The colloquium will report a new series of such narratives from the work of Manganeios Prodromos, whose work is only now being edited, ready for integration into the historiography of Hungary and elsewhere. The new narratives will be compared with details of current histories of Hungary (in western European languages). There will also be discussion of the ways in which texts like this should be edited, to highlight elements due to propaganda, thus allowing readers to concentrate on what might interest them more. The editors hope that, after such analysis, both Hungarian and other material in Manganeios may be more effectively presented to its readers.

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