2011. március 21.

Magical Context - konferencia


15th April 2011, Conference Hall of the Faculty of Humanities, ELTE University

(1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/A., Kari Tanácsterem)

09.10. Richard Gordon (Universität Erfurt): Fixing the race: charioteers and magic at Carthage and Hadrumetum

09.30. György Németh (ELTE, Budapest): Sequences of charakteres from Hadrumetum

09.50. Celia Sanchez (Universidad de Zaragoza - Università degli Studi di Verona): Writing a defixio: an overview on materials suitable for cursing

10.10: Discussion

10.30. Marina Piranomonte (Soprintendenza Speciale per I Beni archeologici di Roma): “Idibus est Annae festum geniale Perennae.” The fountain of Anna Perenna in Rome

10.50. Francisco Marco Simón (Universidad de Zaragoza): Duogena, a new Celtic deity documented in Lugo (Lucus Augusti)

11.10. Gonzalo Fontana (Universidad de Zaragoza): "Gift of tongues": a magical phenomenon in a Christian liturgical setting

11.30: Discussion

11.50. Andrea Barta (Budapest): A New Lead Tablet from Savaria

12.10. Gábor Lassányi (Aquincum Múzeum, Budapest): The old man with seven heads – a remain of an obscure Roman Period ritual in Aquincum

12.30. Antón Alvar Nuño (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid): Apotropaic magic in the Roman house. Some social aspects

12.50: Discussion

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