2012. január 31.

Nemzetközi konferencia a varázsgemmákról - Szépművészeti Múzeum

Magical Gems in their Contexts

International Workshop

Budapest, 16–18 February 2012

Museum of Fine Arts, Baroque Hall

16 February


Opening and welcome remarks

Nagy Árpád Miklós

Török László

Christian Selmoni


Setting up contexts for magical gems (chair: Török L.)

Erika Zwierlein-Diehl (Bonn): Dating magical gems

Richard Gordon (Erfurt): The Origins of the ‘Magical Amulets’: Some Speculations


Coffee break


Setting up contexts for magical gems (chair: J. Quack)

Véronique Dasen (Fribourg): Jeux d’images, jeux de mots sur les gemmes magiques

Attilio Mastrocinque (Verona): L'iconografia di Ialdabaoth


Challenge day: Problematic magical gems and close viewing of some magical gems in the Museum (Chair: Csepregi I.)

17 February


Magical gems in archaeological context (Chair: E. Zwierlein-Diehl)

Simone Michel-von Dungern (Marktbreit): “Abracadabra Abraxas. Magie und Zauberei in der Heilkunde der römischen Zeit” - An exhibition with magical gems in the Malerwinkelhaus Museum, Marktbreit

Shua Amorai-Stark (Beer-Sheba): Selected unpublished magical stones and rings from Caesarea Maritima, Israel

Despina Ignatiadou (Thessaloniki): Two magical gems from the Roman cemetery in Thessaloniki


Coffee break


The Jewish and Christian context (Chair: Sh. Amorai-Stark)

Gideon Bohak (Tel-Aviv): The Use of Engraved Gems in Ancient Jewish Magic

Jeffrey Spier (Arizona): Solomon and Asmodeus on Graeco-Roman magical amulets and rings

Nagy Árpád Miklós (Budapest): Gemmes magiques judaïsantes


Lunch break


Magical gems and Egypt (Chair: Ch. Faraone)

Joachim Quack (Heidelberg): From Egyptian traditions to magical gems. Possibilities and pitfalls in scholarly analysis

Maria Nilsson and John Ward (Gothenburg): Mason or priest? A comparison between Graeco-Roman signs on magical amulets and symbols in Egyptian quarries

Kirsten Dzwiza (Heidelberg): The writing of charakteres on magical gems – decoration patterns, contexts and techniques


Coffee break


Magical gems and healing (Chair: V. Dasen)

Christopher Faraone (Chicago): Magical gems as miniature statues

Valérie Martini (Fribourg): Gemmes magiques et pouvoirs thérapeutiques: les compétences guérisseuses d’Isis et Sérapis

Eleni Tsatsou (Thessaloniki): Uterine amulets: amulets that protect the uterus or that reinforce erotic desire?

18 February


Magical gems and literature (Chair: A. Mastrocinque)

Németh György (Budapest): The discovery of a god: Heliorus

Sonia Macrì (Enna): Lo statuto immateriale delle gemme nella letteratura greco-romana

Paolo Vitellozzi (Perugia): La spada di Dardano: nuove riflessioni su una gemma magica di Perugia


Coffee break


Magical gems in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Chair: J. Spier)

Felicity Harley-McGowan (Melbourne): Jesus the magician? Engraved gems and the representation of crucifixion in Late Antiquity

Genevra Kornbluth (Maryland): Pilulae and bound pendants: Roman and Merovingian amulets

Jennifer Wynne Hellwarth (Pennsylvania): “For glysteryng of the ryche ston”: Near East magical gems and the sexual body in the Middle English romance Emaré


Endreffy Kata (Budapest): The Campbell Bonner Magical Gems Database

Closing remarks

Entrance free. Entry from 41 Dózsa György út.


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