2012. január 30.

Robert Wiśniewski előadása - meghívó

Robert Wiśniewski

(University of Warsaw)

The Use of Relics in Late Antique Divination

Thursday 2 February 2012 17:30 pm

CEU Nádor u. 9, Faculty Tower

FT 409

Organized with CEMS and with the Hungarian Patristic Society (MPT)

While Christian authors in Late Antiquity firmly condemned pagan divination of any kind, their attitude toward the Christian or Christianized forms was more complicated. They were hardly enthusiastic about such practices, but usually did not condemn them either. In effect they seldom wrote about them at all. That is why we don’t know much even about quite popular late antique divinatory practices. In this paper I am going to focus on the beginnings of such practices as incubation, book and lot divination, inquiring energumens and holy monks, with a focus on two questions, namely, What was the relation between relics and divination? and How deeply were Christian practicese rooted in pagan customs?

Robert Wiśniewski earned his PhD at the University of Warsaw in 2002 with a thesis on the role of the devil in early Latin hagiography. He works on late antique Christian religious mentality and practice, although his attention is sometimes attracted by Gallic druids. Robert is currently writing a book on the beginnings of the cult of relics and is involved in a project on Christian divination in Late Antiquity. He is perplexed by the question of how it was possible to be well informed about the future and remain a good Christian.

Related works by Robert Wiśniewski:

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